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Welcome to the world of CRITICAL MASS - the 'Folk-Rock' Band.

Critical Mass music combines the Folk-Rock styles of Crosby, Stills and Nash through to the Progressive Rock of Pink Floyd. This Cape Town based band specialise mainly in late 60's to 70's style of music but have embraced more recent music that suits the Folk-Rock genre. A large part of any performance includes original music penned by members of the band. In 2013 Glenn Buys was a finalist and Best Original music songwriter in the Forever Young Music Competition. In 2011 the band were voted second in the Fipside original music competition.

<>The background music on Playlist is part of the Critical Mass song Illusion © composed by Glenn Michael Buys


 27th March 2015

Critical Mass performed live at the Stanford Sunset Market on Friday evening. The line-up was slightly different but the sounds were the same soothing and rocking offering from the band. A challenging set of CSN&Y was attempted for the first time with mixed success. The lively set of the evening had the crowd rocking as always.


27th February 2015

 Critical Mass performed live at the Stanford Sunset Market.

 Critical Mass-the Band is a Cape Town, South Africa based band which includes a 'club' of band members spread around the world. The music started as a camp fire duo entertaining friends but through the tenacity and determination of front man and founder member, Glenn Buys, the band developed into a fully fledged gigging outfit. The band line up changes regularly depending the presence of members in Cape Town.

 Contact :

Band "floating" membership:

Glenn Buys           Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm guitar (electric & acoustic), Harmonica

Erick Smith           Guitars, Bass guitar, Vocals

Keith Warnett        Bass guitar, Flute, Backing vocals, Zoom RT323

Horst Breuninger   Vocals, Guitars

Bob Hughes          Guitar, Vocals

Calvin Smit            Rhythm and Lead Guitar

Gerard Scholz       Drums, Piano

Juan Beukes         Percussion, Backing vocal, Spanish Guitar

Ted Faulkner         Bass Guitar, Vocals

Guests Appearances:

Ivor Jacobson       Drums

Kathy Aswell         Guitar, Vocal

Keith Warnett, Erick Smith, one of the founder members of the band but currently living in London, Calvin Smit, Horst Breuninger and Juan Beukes all appear on the album of music recorded a few years ago. The CD is packaged and registered and available via the CM contact.


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