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Flipside Music Competition re-visited

Posted by critical-mass on May 29, 2011 at 7:35 AM

The Flipside Music Competition,, organized by Shaun Berry and Flipside Music, appeared on the CM horizon and after some debate, a decision was made to 'have a go'. This required some soul searching for a pub, club and event 'cover and original' band to put out a professional product of only original music that would make an impression. Once we were all on board, the commitment to perform at another level was relatively easy. The challenge was taking the decision into reality.

By the time the first round came along on the 13th May 2011 at ROAR, we were feeling quietly confident that we would definitely make the required impression. We had the music, we were getting near the performance level and we were going to have FUN no matter what. We went, we played and surprise, surprise, we made it through to the Final. Well, what now! We had to go and do it again and consider ourselves contenders. And so we prepared like we meant it. No change to the song list, it had already made an impression. The song list included: Words (so hard to say)-Glenn Buys, Tell Me- G.Buys, Illusion-G.Buys, Goodbye-Bob Hughes, Tiil The Morning-G.Buys and She Told Me-B.Hughes. Just a slight tweak to the order to go "seamlessly" from acoustic to electric music.

Friday 27th May we set up at ROAR and once again threw our stone into the pond. Going up first was certainly an advantage. We were followed by seriously talented bands in Jasper Dick and his band, Sha, and Slate. Playing AFTER these guys would have been seriously intimidating. The dust settled, the lights came up, Shaun Berry appeared on the stage. 4th prize anounced; our name is not read out. 3rd prize anounced; still our name is not read out. Do we dare begin to hope? 2nd prize anounced; Critical Mass name is read.

We went, we played, we ran them close. We think RUNNERS UP is something to celebrate. It says much about the development of Critical Mass-the 'Folk Rock' Band.

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5:05 AM on August 26, 2011 
I really think you guys are great. Well done Glenn you make us as old friends proud and that you are living your dream is great. I listened to your song and I love it! I do so hope that during Oktober you will be playing as I am on leave then and will be able to attend and do some catching up. You really need to cut a CD guys you are great. Hopefully when Antonio and you hook up things will go into that direction. LOL
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